View Full Version : Target for Hyperlink in Object

17 Feb 2006, 11:28 AM
I have put an <object> as a header/banner which is fed from an html page
which has a hyperlink in it. I have put target="_parent" with the link and if I
click on the link in Firefox it opens up as a full screen page in the same
window but in IE6 it opens up in the object which is only 84px high where
it needs a full screen.

Originally I used frames and in Firefox and IE6 the link opened up as a full
page using target="_parent".

If I don't define a target the link opens up in the object with both Firefox
and IE6.

If I put target="_new" the link opens up in a new window in Firefox and IE6
but I don't want this. I have about 50 pages with the same header/banner
with the homepage link so if someone goes from Home > page 23 > Home
> page 16 > Home > page 45 they soon have five or ten windows open.

If I put target="_parent" Firefox opens up the link full screen in the same
window but IE6 assumes the parent is the object and opens up in that.
This is the same as not defining a target at all so IE6 seems wrong. Is
there a way of specifying fullscreen with IE6 without javascript?