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17 Feb 2006, 11:21 PM
Hi All;

My 1st post. This seems like a good site to register to & a good forum page…. Here is my website project: I need to create a webpage with hyperlinks (points) on a static map (DOQQ; tiff picture) of a specific area of land. The hyperlinks will link to “street taken” jpegs of buildings etc., that a viewer will be able to see in that "main page" DOQQ map (tiff) from a top/satellite view of a given area of land. I have bought FrontPage but do not know if it can do what I need with it, I was told maybe not by a casual FrontPage user ….. Any suggestions will be Greatly appreciated. I will use my school server as host but cannot figure how to do the hyperlinks from inserted (graphically created) points on the map tiff…..
Thanks Jon

18 Feb 2006, 03:23 AM
First of all, don't use a TIFF file. Use JPEG, GIF or PNG which are the web standard formats for images and a heck of a lot smaller in file size than TIFF files.

What you need to create is an image map, which allows you to specify areas of an image and attach links to those areas. Go to a site like http://shareware.com and do a search for image map to find something to make it with.