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20 Feb 2006, 04:36 AM
I've built a large website using CSS and Templates in Dreamweaver MX2004.
Because I have been teaching myself CSS learning to use external CSS style sheets I got half way through building my website before I realise I had gone wrong.
To fix the problem I had to re write the style sheet and re shuffle my HTML into the correct order. Unfortunately that meant making everywhere on my template (Index.dwt.asp) editable and manually changing every page. Once I fixed the problem I created a new template (Index2.dwt.asp) that appeared the same but only had the content area as editable and applied this to the rest of the site as I created it.

My site is split into three columns, a header and a footer. I only wanted the middle column to be editable as that is where the main content would be. However if I want to change anything anywhere else I can do so on Index2.dwt.asp and it will automatically update everypage using that template but when I do the same to the first template Index.dwt.asp it won't update the pages using that template so the change appears sitewide because it is all editable. I can't remove the editable regions because Dreamweaver doesn't know what to do with the editable content and I can't apply the new template Index2.dwt.asp for the same reason.

Is there a way around this? or will I alway have to manually change things on the old template?

I hope I've explained this so it makes sense. You can see my website at www.bandm.co.uk