View Full Version : Ok so I don't get it...probs with backgrounds and pics.

20 Feb 2006, 05:56 PM
When using HTML coding in just a plain text, I can not get pics up or backgrounds unless I use the entire directory. I know that this may look all well and good off line but as soon as I will put it on line I will run into probs with it. Say for eg:
<body background= "green bubble background.gif"> Does NOT WORK
<body background= "C:\Documents and Settings\Larissa\Desktop\Joshies Blog\green bubble background.gif"> DOES............

WHY??? Am I saving the images wrong? I save them as GIF or whatever under a folder with all my other crap for that web page. It is really frustrating me, because it really should be simple.... urghhhh

Thanks peoples.....

Missy :flip: