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21 Feb 2006, 05:37 AM
I'm trying to use a dynamic text field rendered as HTML to import some clear PNG's into a flash banner on a web builder.

I got the PNG's to import into the flash no problem, but they seem to have been re-sized. The reason I'm trying to do this is so that the background colour of the movie and the text colour are set by the templates colour sheme (using asp), and the background images are also dynamic.

I wanted to use a transparent PNG layer, and another layer using an improted swf... one for an uploadable, or selectable logo (PNG), and the other for a selected background effect or animation (SWF).

It sucks.... my bubbles look blumin' awfull!!! You can see my problem here (http://www.dyna-site.co.uk/).

Has anyone had this problem and more to the point did you solve it... I don't mind making all the backgrounds in flash, but not having clear PNG's is a cruddy restriction I could do without.

I know very little of flash so bear with me peeps!!

21 Feb 2006, 06:40 AM
OK I solved it... and just incase you get any PNG improting issues using this technique... here's a checklist of things to check....

Your asp page seting the <IMG> tag for the flash variable, make sure horizontal and vertical spacing, and the image border are all set to 0.

For some reason flash is stretching my images a little (not crushing as I first thought. I solved this by setting the image height on the ASP page as 3 pixels less than the image should have been. I also had to set the dynamic text box to be 1 pixel higher than the original image. This pretty much solved the resizing issue.

I also offset my text box by -2 pixels for the width and height to remove the border on the left and top.

I hate flash, but this method was perfect for the application required. This is a realy shoddy way of fixing it... but it works, and it seems to work accross all browsers.

Time for a beer..! :drink: