View Full Version : Hello I'm using WebStudio 4.0 and I need some help...

21 Feb 2006, 02:48 PM
I've been reading some of your posts and I hear you guys say WebStudio sucks, but it is doing the job I need. I'm not a web-designer but my dad asked me to do a small job for his company, but I'm alright when it comes to computers. The other reason I'm using WebStudio is because it is in my given budget. So I was wondering if anyone out there is capacitated with WebStudio 4.0 because I'm running into some difficulties:

*I'm using a different program to transfer my files to my host server. I was wondering... in what format should I save my pages so I can publish them? (My host is Network Solutions)
*Does anyone know any multi-browser friendly scripts for making an order form? How about a message box like this one?
*Is there anyway I can put like a PowerPoint presentation on my site?

If you feel that WebStudio sucks that bad, can you name some other program that is less than $300? All I need are the capabilities to put in text, pictures, that darn PowerPoint presentation and an online order form.