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21 Feb 2006, 10:54 PM
I am trying to make a help desk at my website, with the free script i got this READ ME FILE , can you please tell me what is meant by "samba share"? and how to run a file in linux server ?

Here is the READ ME FILE

1. Load PHP and MySQL onto your favorite Linux Distro
2. Copy the helpdesk folder into your web root folder
3. Edit the conf.inc.php and db.conf.php files as necessary
4. Create a samba share that has write permissions for your NT domain users
5. Edit the path in the inventory.vbs file to point to the samba share
6. Copy the inventory.sql file to your samba share
7. Add the add_this_cron_job.txt to your cron jobs and set it to run every minute
8. Run the helpdesk.sql on your MySQL Database server
9. Go to http://yourlinuxserver/helpdesk and login to the tech area with admin and admin.

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Deep :nana:

22 Feb 2006, 02:44 AM
Samba is a software product that runs on a UNIX system and allows users to mount UNIX file systems from their PC's. In short, it allows PC users to use a network drive which is physically located on a UNIX system.

To learn how to set up a cron jon at the *nix command line type man cron to read the doc, or do a Google search for "cron job"