View Full Version : OwnTheMap.com Update

23 Feb 2006, 03:47 PM
Hey folks,

A quick update on OwnTheMap.com to let you all know how its going. It was here, ofcourse, where I was originally helped with marketting and site developed techniques.

Hits are still at around 150 unique visitors daily but should be set to rise soon. I have had an interview with a reporter who intends to feature the story in the next week's local paper - a small step but potentially the publicity that it needs. That should, in theory, have a positive effect.

There are four more auctions this week, a couple of which are still available at just a penny. There are just under three days of bidding left so hopefully some bids will start coming in soon.

Next week should see the release of an updated template with new features which will improve the website furthermore. A maturer and more interesting template (I think you may agree) will be released as soon as I add the finishing touches.

I'm also intending to include a bit of information about the guy behind it all as some people may be interested to know.

I have a few new features in the pipeline as well as a marketing budget just waiting to be spent so... hopefully, if applied correctly, the website should benefit from increased hits soon.

A number of country owners have already commented on the positive effect that they have seen since their sites have been added. I'll try to get hold of exact figures soon enough.

Basically, thanks a lot for all of your help. Any further suggestions on how to make the website better and any incentives for people to return would be appreciated. Apart from that, be sure to have a look at www.ownthemap.com and give your feedback!