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25 Feb 2006, 08:03 AM
Can you please review our site: Doma
in name registration services (http://www.domainnameswebaddress.com/).

PLease let me know what you think about it.


25 Feb 2006, 04:27 PM
First problem, what is this site for? As I look at the home page I don't know what the purpose of it is. Is it a place to buy domain names? Just a resource for info about them? Some of each? Something else? It's not made clear and this is the most important thing you have to communicate to a visitor upon landing on the page, and you need to do this in a few seconds or you've lost them.

The site logo is way too light and fades into the backgroound. To me it doesn't even seem like it's part of the site because it's so light. The Alexa toolbar banner at first glance appears to be the site logo. You need to give this graphic enough contrast to let it hold it's own on the page. After you do that, add a tag line under it that explains what the site is. "Everything about domain names" is the sort of thing you want (worded to reflect whatever your goal for the site is). At this point you'll have a logo to catch a visitors eye and an accompanying phrase to tell them what it is.

While on the subject of contrast, none of the rest of the page has enough contrast eiter, except the one image of the woman with "Available?" directly underneath. This makes it uninviting to read, and coupled with an enormous amount of text, means that people aren't going to even try to read it.

It's an established fact that people don't read web pages, then scan them looking for a link to the content they're interested in and then click on it. You need to edit your text. I'd suggest you rewrite it, cutting out half the words. Once you're done doing that, go back and do it again, cutting out half the words again. At this point you should have short, concise text that, if dark enough against the background, may invite some people to take the time and read it. As it is, I wouldn't try to read it as a casual visitor, and in fact even for these comments I couldn't bring myself to attempt to read any of it.

By the way, on the inside pages the text is a much better color than the home page, except for the light blue text which I suppose is supposed to be highlighted, but the color makes it less readable.