View Full Version : Consignment Shopping

27 Feb 2006, 01:06 PM
A client of mine is needing me to create a website much like a consignment shop. She will feature products from her members on her site, with most of the profits go to her members, but she will recieve a percentage of it. Is this something that can/should be done by a shopping cart or do I need a special programmer? Are there any recommendations of a shopping cart or program for this that is easy to use?

Thanks so much!

28 Feb 2006, 03:06 PM
something like this can be done by any shopping cart i believe,... of course you will need a bit of messing around to get what you need exactly...

i believe you can set up usergroups or categories for each of her members... so you have all the members products separated with an id.. and then you can simple do a little calculation on how much of the total sale does that member gets and how much your client gets...

just sit down and think it through.. use common sense.. this should have to be too hard