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28 Feb 2006, 10:46 PM
hey forum. i was wondering if somebody could give me some advice regarding contracts. in what form do you guys give the contract to your customers? do you use PDFs, a word document, fax it, mail it, email it, or........? i am hopefully going to be doing business with people all over the united states so having a customer sign a contract in person is not an option.

thanks a lot in advance :)

01 Mar 2006, 02:27 AM
Fax is probably the most common way of sending signed contracts that have to get there immediately. However having a signed original is better, so having a copy mailed (or overnighted by courier) is the best option.

If you send them a contract electronically, do check to make sure it;s the same when you get it back. There's a feature in MS Word, for instance, that allows to to prohibit sopmeone else from editing a document, that is unless they simply open in in an other application like Open Office that doesn't support that feature.