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05 Mar 2006, 05:28 AM

I am currently working on a project to quickly make a professional website that will be easy to maintain.

I think a CMS will be best choice (?) and I like what I heared about Joomla.

What I want to do is to let the client choose between 5 templates and than rapidly create the website. The websites will all be similar in content because the companies will all comes from the same type of business (any modifications on text, CSS and some small changes on the template).

Unfortunately I am not an expert in CMS and I have some questions. Any help would be very much appreciated.

1- Will it be possible to 1 global administration and at the same time have 1 administration for each website.
(This will allow the “parent” admin to make global changes for all websites and at the same time give access to a “child” admin to changes the text/image of 1 web site )
2- Later on I want to create a portal for all the small websites. The portal will have general information about the sector the websites are in as well as several search functions to find individual companies in that sector. Does Joomla offer that kind of functionality or is there software that is more suited for that?

Anyway thanks everyone for any help provided !!

Kind regards,

14 Mar 2006, 07:10 PM

you prolly got your answers already, but just in case:
1. yes this is possible and can be done from your admin panel real easy
2. Joomla don0t come with this kind of functionality, but you can find tons of add-ons and plugins for it (you can also use mambo add-ons and plugins).

Good luck!