View Full Version : New bottle, old wine marketing strategy

09 Mar 2006, 12:23 AM
Recently, i come accross a newspaper with the title " Work at home" which can let you earn USD 1,000 ro 2,000 per month

I was curious and follow the URL given, but didn't show up what is the products or services, instead, they ask me to give them the contact details.

Then 2 days later, i received a call asking me to attend a seminar about the "work at home" , then i went to attend and found that it is about a direct selling company seminar....

When i asked them how i can "work at home" and earn income, the guy talked to me said , "you see, i post the message in the website and ask your details, and you attend the seminar and join in, so you can work at home and go to internet and recruit people like me..."

Faint...... what a stupid marketing tactic for a MLM company..


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