View Full Version : Having major problems.

09 Mar 2006, 09:13 AM
Hi all;

*sigh* I'm getting frusterated with some blog format codes.

The sites:

They view okay in IE, but as soon as I switch over to FireFox, suddenly the tables stop extending themselves (half the entry disappears into oblivion on jewels1983 due to the black background; on the other one, it just isn't working.)

I've been trying my hardest to fix both in DreamWeaver, but... I'm at a loss. I even modified the graphic on jewels1983 to accomodate for FireFox's shortcomings, but unfortunately, that makes the site look like crap in IE.

Also, on SmileTenshi, there's a java/javascript code for an image-on-reload cycler... that isn't working.

I think this is probably all just a case of me screwing with too many things and messing up the code due to my inexperience...

Can anyone help get me out of my mess? :wall:

10 Mar 2006, 03:21 AM
In jewels1983 the right column headed Navigate doesn't extend down in Firefox as you say.
Your code is <div id="entry" style="position:absolute; width:120px; height: 100; z-index:2; left: 715px; top: 30px;" class="entry">
<p><strong>NAVIGATE:</strong>:<br> etc, etc

The height is 100 px in a position: absolute div and it obviously needs to be more than this.

IE6 is sometimes very forgiving so it knows what you want!