View Full Version : Mammoth clipart - problem with background transparency

11 Mar 2006, 08:27 PM
Has anyone else purchased Mammoth 800,000 clipart DVDs and found they can't export images from the Image Browser without losing the transparent background?

I've tried various ways of exporting the images, then opening in Photoshop, but the transparent background is always replaced with a white background.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be v.grateful. It's really bugging me.

I know I could manually make the background transparent using Photoshop, but it can lead to lost antialiasing and I'd much rather cut out this extra step everytime I want to use clipart.

I've put some screenshots from the software here:

Thanks, Ant

20 Feb 2008, 04:18 AM
Hi, I only just read this thread. Yes I had the same problem and still have the problem. WHen I first bought the CD I went to www.Fastrak.co.uk to download the patch. Unfortunately the company no longer exists! Now that I have a new PC I'm back to square 1. Did you manage to get it sorted or have you managed to grab the patch from anywhere?