View Full Version : hearing loss due to iPod

13 Mar 2006, 01:08 AM
MP3 players with claims that the gadgets, which typically are used with dime-sized, disc-shaped earphones called ear buds, can cause hearing loss.

one hour a day at about 60 percent volume was safe... sometimes it's really hard to resist, there are music that needs to pump it up...
sucks.. then why are manufacturers allowed to give listeners the option to pump it up to 120 decibels?

that's just lame..

28 Mar 2006, 08:35 AM
Users should be able to show a level of responsibility. It's like when you listen to your stereo or go to a night club.

In a night club if the noise level exceeds the regulatory limits then they must offer staff with hearing protection then at a level above that they must enforce its use (England). If you are a clubber then you have the free will to leave if it is loud.

I do think futher education on these issues is needed and maybe devices should be fitted with functionality to limit their volume (other than the volume control). Then put a warning on it saying disabling this limiter may damage your hearing if used for long periods.

Suppliers could take the angle that if they restricted it to lesser dB levels they would be discrimiating against the deaf who can listen to 120dB comfortably due to hearing loss.

I think there are worse things that people need to deal with such as smoking, drinking, diet, etc. that have a far wider reaching implications for society than a few irresponsible iPod users.

The trouble with soceity these days is that people don't accept reasonable risk and there is this silly blame culture. people need to take some responsibility for their own actions and stop looking for someone to blame for their shortcomings....
- coffee is hot
- eating burgers day in day out will make you fat
- climbing on a fragile roof is not a good idea
- etc.