View Full Version : making sure most current page is the one displayed!

13 Mar 2006, 08:20 AM

does anyone know of a way to make sure that the current version of a page is the one displayed? i suppose it would be a way to clear the client's browser cache with regard to my site only, or something similar. i don't really want to put a meta refresh in cos it ends up a bit ugly. hope i've explained myself clearly enough!

any advice appreciated!


13 Mar 2006, 08:37 AM
You can't control the users cache settings. Before someone suggests the metatag for cache and refresh - those are for controling search engine caches not the browser. You can however fool the browser into thinking the page is not in it's cache simply by renaming the page with a different name each time it's updated.

Another route may be to use a technollogy such as Ajax to check for updates to the page. Ajax is how services like google's gmail work.