View Full Version : Help the foreigner, please!

04 Apr 2006, 06:14 AM
Hi there!
Can anybody help me, please???
I'm a foreigner, but i disided to make my site in english.
It's about quizzes. I translated almost all text, it was not difficult, but now I have a problem with advertising text.
I need help with making it more attractive!
Can you tell the same text, but in more attractive form???

Here is something I'd like to show you:
This is a short quiz with amazing result!
You'll enjoy it! :)
This quiz gives exact prediction of your relationship in future.
It's hard to believe. I didnít believe at first too, but soon I realized that, my result almost became true!
All my friends tell the same.
Don't ignore it, you'll not regret!
If you'll answer truthfully - the result will be amazing!

I'll be very grateful for your help!!!