View Full Version : Don't Know Where To Begin

10 Apr 2006, 05:05 PM
I'm trying to design a site where the song / artist info pulled from a Sirius receiver are displayed online. I have txt file from a friend that pulls the info from his radio are automatically are updated and uploaded every 10 seconds via FTP. so the aspect of getting the data is taken care of but what i need to do is have that data be presentable w/ the channel logo and name next to the info, does anyone have any suggestions to do this.

the link to the site is w/ the data is pride.hofstra.edu/~ehjelm1/sirius/tracker.txt?


11 Apr 2006, 02:16 AM
You just neeed to design a template for the page, formatted for how you want everything to appear. Then you take the data and with a script parse it into fields and fill out the template. Once you know how you want the page to look you and what format the data will be in you can hire a programmer to put the two items together.