View Full Version : Empathy Library Launch- Calling All Designers!

11 Apr 2006, 05:21 PM
EmpathyLibrary (http://www.EmpathyLibrary.com) has finally launched! After months of planning, we have finally come up with an effective way to help designers through the best medium possible, the source.

EmpathyLibrary will provide the first ever public library of professional PSD’s, for free! No layouts can be used for commercial purposes, but a collection of PSD’s will be at your figure tips, to show others the techniques used.

Not only will users be able to view PSD’s, but the creator of the PSD will include his contact information (MSN, AIM, or e-mail), so the downloader can ask questions and further explore the techniques employed.

It is absolutely free with not a single add. Thanks to Eleven2 Hosting, EmpathyLibrary is online without any financial strain. Our only motivation is to help and spread the knowledge of Photoshop design.

Go to http://www.EmpathyLibrary.com now and send a request! We do not have unlimited bandwidth, so please follow the instructions and have fun.

Library passes will be given in under 2 weeks, users need to send in request (for free) ASAP.

Michael Ullman
Empathy Library Founder