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12 Apr 2006, 02:44 AM
Introduction of Web CMS 2006
Because it is a build site system which has the most powerful components, the most templates and the most abundant language categories in the world at present. You can build and manage your own website conveniently as long as you can type!
1. Ten thousands of templates, hundreds of website cover and dynamic menu styles selected by you at random!
2. Front and back of Web CMS 2006 support 11 kinds of languages, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
3. The on-line HTML editor which has powerful functions supporting character, picture, flash and video mixed arranged.
4. The multilevel items which can be added, deleted, modified and arranged at random. And you can hide the items and change visiting permission of user groups.
5. Equipped with multiform function modules, such as, single page, independent page, self link, news, pictures, feedback, guestbook, download, want ad, trade, shopping, self-form, etc.
6. Convert item content to Javascript code using Create Code and put the code into the position needed, which can achieve dynamic update.
7. You can select and design the style of templates. Items for selected include model style, model color, menu style, copyright, friendly link, Banner ad, count, member zone, language bar, template background, top background, news, pop window, addons, Javascript effect, etc.
8. Equipped with the share functions which include member manager, files manager, analyze flux, logo, link manager, email to be sent, Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese, etc.
9. The style of cover can be customized or uploaded directly.
10. User management equipped with scores and item visiting permission are integrated perfectly.

The new features of web CMS 2006:
New feature 1: 11 kinds of languages
New feature 2: 21600 templates
New feature 3: Single page
New feature 4: Independently page
New feature 5: News
New feature 6: Pictures
New feature 7: Feedback
New feature 8: Guestbook
New feature 9: Trade
New feature 10: Want Ad
New feature 11: Files download
New feature 12: On-line shopping
New feature 13: Self form
New feature 14: Analyse flux
New feature 15: E-mail to be sent
New feature 16: Javascript effect
New feature 17: News comment
New feature 18: Reply message
New feature 19: Identify language automatically
New feature 20: Trade order