View Full Version : PHP Script Needed - Document Download Manager

25 Apr 2006, 09:43 AM
Hi. I've been frantically searching the web for a script that does the following:

I have a list of PDF files... approx 50 or so. I want the user to be able to register online with the following info: fname, lname, company, title, email address and phone number. From that single registration, they are able to download any file (anti-leech). I'm thinking this information could be stored in a cookie good for 90 days. Then, they can download any file, and each individual file that this person downloads would be stored in a database preferably MySQL or even a flat text file. But I would like all the information stored in the database for each individual file they download (with a single registration): fname, lname, company, title, email, phone, file name, date, time, and ip address. I have not found a script that will do all of this, even with customization.

I've checked all the major script depots to no avail. Perhaps I missed something?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.