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27 Apr 2006, 09:04 AM
Hi everybody,

we have recently developed service that we call TraceSearch. We are welcome everybody to use it, save your time and help us to make it better.

Service description:

TraceSearch is free tool that helps web-masters and SEO specialists trace site position in leading world, Russian and Ukrainian search engines: Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, Yandex, Rambler, Meta, BigMir.

It will show your site(s) position in each of them on selected keywords/keyphrases; also you can schedule delivery of this reports daily, weekly or monthly to your email address, that should save you tons of time.

Also system reports your site PR and Yandex CY.

I know that there are quite many tools with similar idea, here are features that I belive make ours one better:

1. Sending report to email daily. Save a lot of time, I believe. Every morning you will get report about your sites position on your e-mail. No need to run anything.
2. Work with Russian and Ukrainian search engines. Will be useful for people who works on that market.

I appreciate any comments regarding our system.

Link to TraceSearch - http://tracesearch.com/
Alexander Levashov

Altima Web Systems
Custom Web Design and Programming