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28 Apr 2006, 02:52 AM

Perhaps someone knows anything about Google Sandbox effect? How can we check if we're in the sandbox or not? The thing is we've recently (about 2 weeks ago actually) launched our website www.commsols.com (http://www.commsols.com). Yahoo has already indexed our pages, and Google doesn't seem to be hurrying up :(
The domain name commsols.com is not a new one - it was registered back in 2003 or so for the first time - that's why we are thinking if we have a chance not to get to the Sandbox and be indexed (or whatsoever) promptly.

Thanks for all your help and advice in advance,

29 Apr 2006, 05:44 AM
Here are factors of why you are in da sandbox:

1. The site is on a new domain and less than about 1 year old
2. The keywords you are trying to rank on are considered competitive.
3. Most of the pages of the site has been indexed by Google.
4. The site ranks well for its' competitive keywords in Yahoo and MSN
5. The site ranks well for the non-competitive keywords on Google.
6. The Googlebot visits and crawls the site on a regular basis.
7. The site ranks well for an allinanchor:"your keywords" search.
8. The site has a decent number of unique IBL's and an OK PR
9. The site does not have anything known to cause a ban or penalty.
10. The site has decent SEO
11. The site does not rank in the top 300-400 for it's main keyword

If your site does not have all 11 things I listed above, then you just rank poorly.

Hope that helps :)