View Full Version : I can't access site, but others can...

30 Apr 2006, 08:22 PM

I've been having this trouble for over a day now, where I can't access the website I have been developing. This is particularly bad when the website is being actively developed. Here are the symptoms:

As aforementioned, I can access any website, but mine http://www.clubmyworld.com. Others can access it. I'm on a wireless network and no computer can access it either. We have tried bypassing the router with the main computer, no lucky... All anti-virus, spyware, firewalls bypassed with no luck accessing site... I've contacted my host, who verify that there is no problem. I've contacted the ISP, who seem to give me the run-around with stock answers. I've renewed my IP, cleared out temp internet/cached files... Trying all their suggestions I'm stuck. Anybody willing to take a crack at this?



01 May 2006, 08:38 AM
I can see your site. However, would do no harm to run it through dnsreport.com and dnsstuff.com to check for any falts.