View Full Version : Creating league tables

04 May 2006, 05:17 PM
I`ve got an unusual request.

I have a site where we run league tables for a weekly event we run on our forums. Points are accumulated, and the league is then updated. I have always just used a boring html/table format, and updated the league page manually via text editor/ftp.

I wondered if there was a script of any kind that could help me out here? Particularly something to allow others to access this league and update it when I`m not around.

Or even better, a script that could actually create this league and allow administration of it. Maybe it could sit between a header and footer wrapper so it integrates into my site.

Anyone know what I`m getting at?

My apologies if this was a dumb question, but I`m rather green when it comes to web design and scripting.


04 May 2006, 05:33 PM
Yeah, we all know what you you're request it, the only problem is it sounds rather "bespoke." I haven't come across a ready-made script that does that sorta stuff.

What's the URL of the web site and i'll have a look for you. But the chances are you're going to want to get a developer to create you something suited to your needs.

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help just now...