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08 May 2006, 03:06 PM
I need to produce a very basic website, as far as design/template goes. I have approached numerous website development companies in my area, and throughout the country. I am curious as to how complicated and expensive programming MEMBER REGISTRATION/LOGIN is with a database.

Basically, i will need members to have the ability to register, login, and have access to listings. I will also need employees to have the ability to login and view a sales script, where we could sign up members, pull their credit card information, and from there they will have the ability to login to the listings. That i could see being pretty straitfoward and simple.

The complication i am curious in, is having listings pulled from other websites.
Lets say i need links like on http://www.hud.gov/homes/index.cfm - (Click HUD HOMES on the left) of each state, and i want to pull there listings updated once a day or at a certain time period each week within a table on our website. Basically pulling the script or whatever and transforming it into our template.

How much are we talking as far as the programming aspect of this website goes.

Please contact me at 650-245-6197 if you are interested.

08 May 2006, 03:49 PM
it took me about 4 hours of work to figure that much out, now whether thats secure enough or not is debatable... i do have encrypted passwords tho

to get everything there in one is no walk in the park, there may already be a script for this that exists, but writing your own isnt reasonable. Hiring someone would be a big payment aswell because there is alot your dealing with there, i apologize if i didnt reald the entire then when i posted before.