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09 May 2006, 02:51 AM
What is the best way for me to get radio on my new website, Im a bit of a beginner but i know how to use dreamweaver and flash mx if it is needed that i use that.

Is there some sort of java radio steamer i can download ?
Or just a html code that i enter into the page?
Can anyone help me ?

09 May 2006, 04:18 AM
There are two forms that radio could be in. Is it live radio? or is it pre-recorded mp3. The firsrt is harder to do than the later.

To have music that people can download and listen to, you just make the sound file in your prefered sound editor and make either an mp3 file, real audio (ram) file or windows media file (wma). You can then just upload this file to your server and put a ordinary link to that file on your web page. Then people can download and listen to the music or whatever is in your sound file. The popular buzz word for this sort of thing is podcasting. Cause people can download to their ipod the file form your website and listen to your podcast. This is the easy way.

You mention stream - this is a bit fancier. To stream audio means to play the sound file while it is still downloading. So the first part of the file downloads and the file starts to pay and hopefully by the time the audio reaches the end, the download has also reached the end. The popular formats to stream are Windows Media or Real Player formats. You can use your audio editor to make the files you need. However you will need a special web server for streaming so your web host might not support this feature.

If you want to stream live radio. Well that's rather more complex and beyond my scope as you'd need a streaming server plus and method to stream the upload to the server as well. I'd look at hiring a specialist to do this sort of thing. IMHO, easier to pre-record and just make many mp3's that people can download and listen to.