View Full Version : Advice on starting out please...thnx

10 May 2006, 07:02 PM
Hey guys, so a little about myself.... I have worked in IT for a while, acquiring all the regular certs, mcse, ccna, A+ and all that good stuff. but i am tired of managing hardware (and policies in a Winders Server environment) and i have been taking programming classes for a while. I am proficient in Visual Basic .NET and am looking for some advice here about where to start in web development...

I went out and bought the Adobe Premier Studio Bundle thing, so I have the tools. I am already proficient in Photoshop (thanks to hours and hours of Total training) but i am curious as to how i could integrate my visual basic skills into website design. I know that i can use dreamweaver to create ASP .NET webpages as VB being the language, but that leads me to the question, what exactly is ASP? Does it just convert language and commands to HTML??

I want to start into this game. I am quick learner and i work hard. How did you all start out? With my knowledge in windows applications and my experience in Visual Basic how would a veteran here start out in dynamic webpage design? I have the tools, where should i start? I want to learn to incorporate my knowledge into this field....please advice.

I greatly appreciate this as well, i understand we all have families, and i really appreciate the time you all give to boards such as these (believe me, i have spent my dues on various troubleshooting boards).

Thanks a ton!