View Full Version : Fireworks button's text animation ???

18 May 2006, 03:58 AM
I've recently started to use Fireworks 8 & am working on making some buttons for my website.

I've made a button on a transparent canvas, using a rectangle tool & on it is a text saying "HOME".

To creat the animation now, I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction as how to I go about making each of the letter i.e. "H", "O", "M", "E" individually fly from different direction such as letter "H" just above from top right of the button, letter "O" from just above the top left of the button itself, etc. I know this can be done by converting an "object" into "Modify > Animation > Animate Selection" BUT how could I do it with the "invididual letters" rather than the whole word "HOME".

Additionall, once I do so, how exactly could I change the text from "HOME" to "ABOUT" keeping the animation EXACTLY THE SAME on the same button (keeping the rectangular button's own animation intact). & then changing the text to "CONTACT", etc. so I can finally have EXACTLY same animation on each individual letters of different link (HOME, CONTACT, ABOUT, etc.)

If I save it as a gif animation, it might not show the animation smoothly, cos of people's slower Internet connection (and perhaps, different letter flying by at different time, etc.), so would it be sensible to save it as "Flash" file instead so all individual letters of each of the links (HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT) has their animation at the same time ???

Can anyone help ???