View Full Version : Is this impossible?

25 May 2006, 01:35 PM
Ok, here is your challenge...should you choose to accept it. I need a web host for the company I work for, but we've very specific needs. I've looked all over and seem to be running out of options. Here is what we need:
5+GB of space
10+GB of transfer
5+ domains under one account
50+ ftp accounts, able to be tied to any one of the domains
100+ e-mail accounts under SmarterMail by SmarterTools

Bluehost.com looked good, but they don't use SmarterMail and all the ftp accounts have to go to your "main" domain name. You can't assign them to different domains.

I then checked out Parcom Internet services, but I'm not sure if they allow the ftp access I need.

Can anyone suggest a good host for this? We'd like to try to keep the cost under $25 a month after everything. Thanks!

25 May 2006, 09:20 PM
I have no idea what SmarterMail is, I looked at their website, but it's way too wordy to quickly figure out what they are selling, so why you might need that, I don't know. That's probably going to be the hard part of finding what you want, but if you can find hosts that offer it, then you should be fine.

I see two possibilities. The first is rather than buy one package with five domains, just buy five domains. Then you can have the FTP accounts with any of them. The other thing to remember is that the packages listed at a host aren't necessarilly the only thing they'll sell you, they're there to give people ready made options. Call the sales department of perspective hosts and see what they can do to accommodate your needs.