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27 May 2006, 12:58 AM

I have a brief idea as to what is web designing. Would like to know what exactly goes into a web designing job, as in, getting started initially and proceeding through the different stages of web designing. Can a person from a non-technical background acquire expertise in web desigining?

27 May 2006, 05:36 AM
We design used to be quite a broad term. But not it's use is restricted to the artistic side of the process. I.e. the designer will make the graphics and select the colours and layout of the web pages but won't actually finnish the site's code.

The other 2 main tasts are the:

web developer - this is more technical work doing the programing and coding such as php, mysql and javascript. Really this is what makes the site function properly and not just simply look nice.

System admin - This person sets up and keeps running the web server or servers that the sites run on. It's a very technically job and often completly unseen and un noticed. None of the glammour of the other two. However it does tend to provide a more stable income and carrier path since there have been system admins since long before the web and so it's a more mature industry.

Just which title fits for you depends on your makeup. If you're more of the arty side then go for design. But if you are better at problem solving (e.g. playing chess or poker) then opt for the development or systems admin work. Every job has its technical jargon so you'll have to learn something which ever you choose.