View Full Version : Putting video on a web site

03 Jun 2006, 07:53 AM
I want to be able to take short segments from a home movies dvd and put them on a web site. I already have the site. I am figuring they will be put up as windows media files. I can't even figure how to make a windows media video file from a dvd. Then I would need to edit it. Any suggestions on what program is good for doing this? Any place on the web that tells you how?

03 Jun 2006, 11:10 PM
You'll need a dvd ripper to pull the video off of the dvd. You'll find one the audio video section of download.com. The ripper will probably save it to your hard disk as an AVI file. That's high quallity but too big for the net.

Next stage is editing. Windows Movie Maker will already be installed on your sistem. You can use that to make a WMV file from the AVI. However, WMV is maybe not the best format. Sure it works fine for everyone with windows, but it doesn't work at all on Mac's. Personally I use flash FLV format for my videos online. Everybody has flash installed in their web browser and theres plenty tools available to build the files and make the site. I use Rivia FLV Encoder which you'll also find on download.com It's free and will turn your edited video into the FLV format that you can easlity embed onto a web page.