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MCB Studios
04 Jun 2006, 06:51 PM

I am in a pickle. I have 2,000 worth of hosting and using a package for a wrestling site (www.bcwwrestling.co.uk). The problem is my server is a Windows server and does not support MySQL (although it does strangely support PHP) therefore I am limited to ASP, ASP.net, CGI and Perl.

What I am looking for is to build a news article manager in any of the languages I have available on my packages (either ASP, ASP.net, CGI or Perl) so that I can log into the site and post and edit news stories in a WYSIWYG format. The aim is so that I can just type a story in a post it or staff at British Championship Wrestling (BCW) can log in and post stories themselves.

I had a look on www.asp.net and they had what looks exactly like what I am looking for - a download for a club site that featured news articles management and events calendar manager. However, when I downloaded it, it came in the form of a .vsi file or something.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows where I can get a script for what I am after or consider building it for me (although I doubt that will happen as I am unable to offer payment and this is a tedious and time-consuming task).

I need a log-in page and then the actual news page that displays the article title, brief summary and link to full story.

Waiting in anticipating,

Martin Bean

08 Jun 2006, 07:30 AM
That sounds liek a lot of hosting power!
So if you have that much hosting isn't it a dedicated server and therefore you can install mySQL?

It is easy enough to install various languages and databases on a windows box but the main concern is security. So unless you know exactly what you are doing do not do this.

there are plenty of free scripts and controls around for the WYSIWYG side of things. I beleive there is a control on ASP.net

After that the requirements sound simple enough. I suppose the more complex aspect is the security and moderation control / process. If you already have login for users and roles then you can probably build on this.

I'm going to be developing something similar for a shopping solution although it is a phase 2 objective and I'm in the midst of phase one.

I'd be happy to discuss this further with you and possibly do some development work as long as I don't incur any costs other than time.