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07 Jun 2006, 01:43 PM
i was trying to install a fresh phpnuke site all stuff went fine except adding the tables to the db via phpmyadmin
the tables were in a (nuke.sql) file 592 KB

but each time i try to import the file into the db i get this message

(Your SQL-query has been executed successfully :
The content of your file has been inserted. (7271 Instructions) )

and when i check the tables on the db i find it empty.

i contacted the hosting company (Netfirms) and there advice was:

(If you are planning to import large SQL files, we suggest using SSH and MySQL. Php myadmin only supports, smaller sized databases.

Please attempt to import your domain using SSH.)

i have 2 simple questions regarding this issue:

1- is 592KB too large for phpmyadmin?

2- how can i import the db tables into the db via SSH easly? i tried to do it but i didnt success.

Thanks allot

08 Jun 2006, 07:33 AM
For starters, your host lests you SSH into the box? Change hosts.

SSH is a big security hole. It should never be allowed on shared (virtual) hosts. The only time you should be using ssh is if you own the whole server or VPS. None of the major hosts (e.g. 1&1 or godaddy or ) allow users to SSH in.

PHPnuke - this is old old old. It's also buggy and low in features. I don't understand why anyone would use it. Go for one of the easier to install, better features, and more up to date scripts that do the same job e.g. www.xoops.org or look at cmsmatrix.org to find a list of more CMS scripts. But phpnuke is a pain to install, hard to use, insecure, buggy, and out of date. You won't have this problem with most of the others as the script will install the database for you.

593kb is not too bit for phpmyadmin. The limit on php upload files is usually default to 2mb. You can check by running phpinfo()

As well as uploading, you can copy/paste into the sql command box in phpmyadmin. View the file in your text editor (notepad) and copy paste each block of code (e.g. one table at a time - though not one line at a time).