View Full Version : free adsense/YPN tracking tool, testers needed

08 Jun 2006, 11:33 PM
I've put together a site to give people an easy to install adsense/YPN tracker and I need people to test it out. The site is: http://www.incomelogger.com , it's very easy to create a tracker. The things I need people to do in order of importance is:

1) Report any bugs or glitches to me
2) Give any suggestions for other features you'd like to see
3) Suggestions on the site

The site will only track internet explorer ad clicks unfortunately(if anybody knows of a way to track firefox let me know, I haven't found anything that works so far). It will tell you the most popular pages people click on ads, the most popular ads people click on(gives the domain), and how many times users are clicking on ads(could be helpful in preventing fraud on your site).

Anyways, it's free for anyone to try, you can leave feedback on this thread, PM me, or email me at admin@incomelogger.com. Thanks and hope you find the site helpful.