View Full Version : Long development www.sdl.net.au

12 Jun 2006, 12:57 AM
Hi i have spent many months developing this website (http://www.sdl.net.au)

it is coded in perl and is under constant improvements.

I think i have it at a stage of release. I do need some feedback. As a first time visitor what you would think of such a website.

how it can be improved.

It also has a different look if you connect to it through a pda or mobile device. although i am still working on that side of things

Basically i want to capture the wow effect from www.sdl.net.au (http://www.sdl.net.au) and keep it simple and easy to navigate.

As a user would you get the message what such a website offers? I have intentionally left the decription to bellow as it might affect your perception on the website. what its goal is.

www.sdl.net.au (http://www.sdl.net.au) stands for sdl networks or the long version is secure data link networks.

It provides internet access. Users connect through a gateway.

Depending on the location users connect from, the look and feel of the website changes. Eg if someone connects from the grand hyatt hotel it could display the grand hyatt logo on the front page.

This website is rich in features on the admin side, It keeps a record of lots of statistics. and 80% of the content can be managed via its own content management system.

Thank you and i am looking forward to some feedback!


PS. I am a first time poster!