View Full Version : Ideas for Marketing Approach to Pixel Websites

23 Jun 2006, 02:07 PM
Hi !

Is pixel advertising dead? I'm using Gpix from tufat.com - works great and all -but I can't seem to get a single pixel purchase. Any ideas for a good marketing approach to pixel websites? Need your tips.


23 Jun 2006, 06:14 PM
Hi Tuf

You could use all of the tried and tested (and exhausted) approaches but IMO you will never achieve an impact as effective as the Million Dollar Home Page did.

Contact local companies and sell space cheap to get yourself started. Maybe even give a couple of spots away at first. As it grows you can advertise your site as limited spaces available on sites such as ebay. Once the site becomes close to completion you may be able to make a little cash but nothing to retire on.

The best thing about the Million Dollar Home Page was that the idea was original and the lad behind it got lucky. Really the concept is simple; however he managed to get large corporations to compete for space thus pushing prices through the roof.

Create an original idea, let the right people know and it will sell itself.

Sorry that this is not much help but it is my honest opinion after evaluating something similar myself.