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27 Jun 2006, 12:07 PM
When Tim Berners-Lee did us all a huge favor by inventing the World Wide Web, the name it was given said it all – it was and remains the world’s first truly global medium. And given the open architecture and non centralist nature of the underlying internet, it looks like it’s going to remain with us for some time to come.

However, upon surfing the web, you might be forgiven for thinking that the web was only for English speakers. Given the fact that all websites have access to a global audience, it is remarkable how few of them attempt to sell into this vast untapped market.

By the same token, money talks – in every language. But translating your tours and galleries into several languages would be a Herculean task and expensive task.

However, solutions now exist whereby the most important stage of the sales process – paying you – can be effortlessly be integrated so that you are effectively communicating with the surfer in their own native language, making them far more likely to become a paying customer.

Given the credit-card-centric nature of western developed markets, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that most of the world already owns one. Wrong. The vast majority of the world’s surfers do NOT have a credit card.

However, one thing that practically ALL surfers have access to is a phone or cell – and therein lies the solution to how to start making money on a global scale.

In theory, the dialer was the solution to making money from the global village. In practice, the dialer is dead – many surfers are simply too frightened to download 3rd party software onto their PC’s.

Global Phone (IVR) Billing utilises the same underlying billing principle as the dialer, but with none of the headaches associated with them.

What surfer can resist? After having been ‘sold to’ in their own language, they are invited to call a premium (1-900) number from their regular phoneline or cell where they are greeted by a recording (again in their own native tongue) and are then issued the password needed in order to gain access to your members area for a limited amount of time.

For the surfer, phone billing is quick, convenient and, above all, anonymous. Furthermore, the ‘enjoy now, pay later’ element afforded by phone billing lends itself to a spontaneous purchase.

Combine these two elements – geo-targeted calls-to-action in several languages and global phone billing capability – and you have yourself a new revenue stream overnight from surfers that were visting your sites anyways.

Bottom Line : Global Phone Billing will increase yours!

To see technology in action : http://www.webpinaccess.com/?layout=blank
In box 1 go to INDIA - that's what a surfer from there will see! :bounce: