View Full Version : Project/team/client managment app?

29 Jun 2006, 08:54 AM
I have been searching for the past 3 days for a tool that will help manage projects, design team and allow clients to view work in progress and leave feedback.

It has been a joke, after looking at several open source programs like phpcollab, phpprojekt, dotproject they either seem to take a college degree to learn to use them or they are dead projects as far as development or they are not geared toward website designers.

I have also talked to several paid hosted services which run from $50 a month to $300+ a month which I can't seem to justify.

Does anyone currently use anything that would suit website designers?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

29 Jun 2006, 10:09 AM
for basic hosting i would recommend one of these

www.1and1.com (if the above doesnt work)

your looking for a portfolio cms...
that would be usefull, and not too hard to make either.
i dont know of any that are good, so that leaves ya with plain old html.