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04 Jul 2006, 06:21 PM
I am sort of new in to coding so I don't know much about it, but I was ask to design and code a layout for a Hillary Duff fansite. Here's, what I have so far:


Now I think I have run into a problem, I didn't make the content box as an iframe, so now I dont know how I can get different content into the main area (when a new link is clicked) without having to make a new page with different content for each link in the navigation section.

This could probably be an easy problem to fix, but as I mentioned before im relatively new to this, so I dont know much :P

I hope you understand what I mean, any help and comments will be really appreciated :)


05 Jul 2006, 02:56 AM
actually what you're doing is fine and i would scrap iframes altogether as it really isnt necessary. the one suggestion i would make is to get rid of all the tables you used and convert everything to css. apart from updating to more current standards, css also allows a much more efficient caching method for browsers. making the other pages would be quick and easy (as you'd be using the same design/css file attached to each page) with only the content changing.

so yes, there is nothing wrong with creating a separate whole page for each link area because everything on it will already be cached (minus the new content for each page) and should load up instantaneously anyway.


you could just set up a cms and have a dynamically driven page but that seems beyond the scope of the issue at hand.