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06 Jul 2006, 07:28 PM
May someone help me to solve this problem?I am experiencing problems with getting Front Page 98ís hover buttons to function. Below is the coding.

<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="./" width="120" height="24">
<param name="color" value="#000080">
<param name="hovercolor" value="#0000FF">
<param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="text" value="C Programming">
<param name="effect" value="glow">
<param name="url" valuetype="ref" value="http://metalab.uniten.edu.my/~azhana/indexCProg.html">

Are there anything wrong with it?May somebody tell me how to solve it?
Hope I will get the reply A.S.A.P.....Thank you....

07 Jul 2006, 03:30 AM
Front Page 98ís
You gotta be kidding me. 98?

Frontpage uses frontpage extentions to run these functions. You need a web hosts that supports frontpage extentions. It won't work on your local system.

Allots happened in the last 8 years. I think you'll find there's a better way. A much better way, to do this feature now. Have a look at for example http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/index.html and many other sites similar to this.

Frontpage 98 is just a little bit old. Get an upto date wysiwyg editor for making web pages at www.nvu.com It's free and beats the pants off of frontpage.