View Full Version : Placing Ads on my web site,need help?

07 Jul 2006, 06:26 AM
Im in the middle of making a website. Its going to be like a search engine but more specific related. Anyway i have a couple questions about making ad layout s on web pages. I set up a temp page with a screenshot of what my site will kinda look like when done.


#1. What size ad boxes in pixels should I use? Ex. 160 X 400 etc.
#2. How Many ads should I place ?
#3. Do you see anywhere else I should place ads?
#4. Should I make a white rectangular frame around the nine screenshots in the center?

Thank you for the help,


07 Jul 2006, 06:05 PM
It'a hard to comment on some of your questions because the image is too small to clearly see what's supposed to be going on. But, the thing to keep in mind when placing ads on a site is to put them where people will be most likely to act on them, not necessarilly where they will be seen the most. Remember that people cone to web sites and use them looking for content of interest. When they're on this quest they'll want to finish the task. At that point they get to the "where do I go now?" part where they pause to make that decision. It's usually only a brief moment, but that the point that ads become most effective. They're not actively doing something and they are willing to be distracted by something that looks as if it might be of interest. This is why ads placed near the bottom or at the end of an article will receive more clicks than one at the top of the page, even though more people will probably see it there.

As for sizes you should use "standard" ad sizes. Although there is no written set of sizes that are standard across the web, if you look at the big players and use the sizes they offer you'll do the best. Advertisers that can simply plop in an existing as image will be happier than if they have to remake one just for your one site.