View Full Version : javascrip in php -- does it work?

11 Jul 2006, 12:49 PM

I run the site www.saraye.com (http://www.saraye.com) and would like to set it up for google analytics. this requires some code (javascript) to be place immediately before the </body> tag of the source code. there is a .php file that defines what all the actions do etc, and if you scroll down way down to the bottom you see /n</body> I was told by the sunshop customer service that i could place it right there between n and <, but that didn't work it made the website say error, and when i called back they said they couldn't assist me in changing the code. so my wuestion is how can i put javascript right there without affecting the store, so that it doesn't say error on line 2604 of ____.php and google analytics runs fine?


any help would be appreciated.