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11 Jul 2006, 12:58 PM
Hello All,

Among other things, we provide web development services.

Currently, I'm working on trying to find hosting services that will work with either CartGenie http://www.jstreettech.com (http://www.jstreettech.com/) or StoreFront 6.0 SE or AE http://www.storefront.net (http://www.storefront.net/). Why these two? They are commonly used in the industry of interest (beads). I'm totally open to others though if I have to go back to the drawing board.

The ostensible problem that these two companies seem to have with GoDaddy's shared hosting is "permissions", even though GoDaddy seems to EXCEED all of their requirements and then some and the tech folks (at GD)tell me they can't see what the problem could be. The one thing that someone at GoDaddy suggested was that it could be access to "Port 25" but that commercial software companies should not be requiring that access anyway.

I'm pulling my #@%!! hair out because all the specs seem like a match made in heaven saving my client many hundreds of dollars in unnecessary hosting/reporting fees annually, amounting to thousands over years.

I'm shopping for e-commerce/shopping cart/online store management software AND supporting hosting service that meets the following key requirements:

1) in the $200-$1000 range, commercial/stable/supported

2) will run on fast, reliable cost effective shared hosting that isn't going to be a nightmare for us to set up for the client (and is established as a company)

3) scales well, to 10,000+ items

4) has a very intuitive user interface for both initial build (importing in batches) AND for ongoing store management for the client

5) is EXTREMELY customizable in terms of web design (http://www.webdevforums.com/newthread.php#), and page layouts, via Dreamweaver preferably

6) has state-of-the-art capabilities for a variety of gateway/merchant integration, upselling and cross-selling features, hot items/featured items, opt-in email and newsletter management(*ha! joke), great online store management tools esp. for fulfillment, inventory tracking, reporting etc

So - can anyone suggest hosting options and/or software?

Much much thanks,

23 Jul 2006, 04:42 PM
I've not used osCommerce but have studied it in some detail.
It is a free open source eommenrce system that is suited to most php / mySQl providers. It is certainly configurable and the admin interface looks professional out of the box. You'd want to configure the front end to meet your ecommerce site(s) needs.

Port 25 is almost always the SMTP server used for sendin emails. Almost all hosting compaies will provide you with access to a SMTP server to allow you to send emails from your scripts. this will usually be something like smtp.mydomainname.co.uk or smtp.hostingcompany.co.uk. you get the idea.