View Full Version : Google manipulating organic results to find ways to earn revenue

13 Jul 2006, 04:59 AM
I have been watching Google results on major keywords, the results have kept on dissatisfying users with all those spam and irrelevant results. What may be the reason behind this? Well Google has been saying that this is just another update but why such results are appearing and what is the motive behind this.

Google has said that it is impossible to manipulate SERPs (http://www.organicspam.com/serps_manipulation.asp) but we have seen cases where Google has restricted the result pages. How can Google show concatenated results for searches done in china? We canít shrug away from the fact that Google can manipulate its results to make way for their own selfish need that is of course the revenue generation tactics.

An irrelevant or spam result is of no use to a searcher and these forces users to click on those paid or sponsored listings. A normal user hardly goes beyond first three pages of Search results. So why not force users to click on paid listings! Ultimately they will have to because they will not get relevant information that is for sure.

I have found a website http://www.organicspam.com where you can discuss and share your concerns over the current scenario in search engines.