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web designer
14 Jul 2006, 06:41 AM
Hello everybody,

Today I would like to draw your attention to a strange phenomenon of Page Rank that I witness with my websites. After being stuck in the Google "Sandbox", our website http://www.xponsetech.com has finally acquired Page Rank of 4 yesterday only. It was a good news to us that months of SEO job has really paid off. However in the process we noticed a strange chain of indiscrepancy. Though all the pages of xponsetech website has gained PR, but the "Link pages" has been missed out. The main directory page http://www.xponsetech.com/reciprocal-link.html (http://www.xponsetech.com/reciprocal-link.html) has got PR of 3 but the pages with categories of link like http://www.xponsetech.com/link-soft-hard.html has got no PR.

This trend is further justified by the fact that our another website, http://www.xponsewebs.com has got PR of 5 for a long time. Even the Link or Resources Pages also got good PR of 3. But from yesterday we noticed that though the index page PR has remained same, the link pages has gone zero. Here also the main link directory page of http://www.xponsewebs.com/resources.html (http://www.xponsewebs.com/resources.html) has retained the PR but the subpages with link categories have turned with ZERO page rank.

I am really amazed to find that why the resources or link pages have been singled out to be robbed off the PR? Another point is, if my new website of xponsetech has gained PR, it means the Google algo has started to move things, but then how come the PR of my old website xponsewebs has remained stagnant at 5, despite extensive SEO effort?

Please drop in some ideas, if some one has got any.

14 Jul 2006, 08:03 AM
Sandbox and pr update have nothing to do with each other, Public PR update as you experienced yesterday will not effect your rankings.