View Full Version : Question: how to sell top100 ratings?

26 Jul 2006, 03:12 AM
We are going to sell the largest top100 online ratings. These ratings aren’t our main business.

For four years we developed two projects - top100biz.com and topdepo.com. Each of them is a multi level catalogue, in which the sites are rated according to their popularity. The site owners can look through the detailed e-commerce statistics of their sites. They can also pay for advertising in our top100 catalogues.

The projects are profitable due to:
- google adsense banners
- umaxlogin.com search results
- optional subscription to professional listing ($79 a year)

Today we have more than 4000 free active members on both sites.

The question to e-commerce experts:
What’s the possible price of the sites like www.top100biz.com and www.topdepo.com?
Where and in what way could we find the buyers for them?

18 Aug 2006, 07:52 AM
Will anybody help us?