View Full Version : Why pay for Traffic when you can build it by your self

02 Aug 2006, 08:44 AM
Hi all :teleport:
Why pay for Traffic :nono: when you can build it by your self
and free.
I have some way to build your own traffic (free) :

1.Writing article and post it to article websites. I am
sure everyone here can read and write why dont you write
some article and put a link banc to you.

2.Bloging post blog that your interest in, but donot

3.When you decide to pay why dont you join pay per click
program (adword or overture) that you can get 1,000
quality traffic to your site by 50 dollars

I think 100,000 traffic that you buy from link exchange
program is very low quality. It can not compare to 10
visitors that click to your site from an article you
Another free way of building traffic to your site is
posting in high traffic forums with link to your website
in the forum signature. Make sure you contribute to the
forum with quality posts and don't just spam to show up
your sig.


22 Aug 2006, 03:16 PM
Hey all

Thanks for this post, it's so helpful to anyone having just launched a website. I myself have just started my own new service and looking for ways to promote it I've found so many of the "buy traffic" links that you mentioned. I haven't bought anything yet because it looked really dodgy and like you said, I don't think that there'd be an quality visitors.

I've just listed my service with the Google Service Directory, which I think is also quite a good idea, and I'd like to suggest it to anyone launching or who has just a service.

Cool, it would be awesome for anyone to check out my site and maybe give some feedback, I've tried to keep it as simple as I can.

Thanks a lot