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02 Aug 2006, 10:38 AM
I have created two forms... one is a longer version of the other basically. You can see both forms on this page. (http://www.kimparrishcreative.com/orlando_weddings/quote_form.html) When I test the forms, the information that is emailed to me comes back in the correct order. However, when I put the client's server information in, when they receive the data back in the email, the order is all messed up. I use the basic formmail script and they have an asp. Does that matter? Do I need to do something different in order for the information to arrive in the proper order? You can see their current code here. (http://orlandoweddings.com/pages/quote.html) I noticed that their code has numbers on their "id" tags. Does that correlate to having the items be in order? I replicated that on the main form, on the destination form I did not use the numbers. HELP!